Bosnia and Herzegovina is beautiful European country.

Bosnia and Herzegovina was one of six members of ExYugoslavia. Its intriguing history led it through unique experience one could rarely relate to such a small country.

European Heartland

Bosnia and Herzegovina is European country that was one of six members of ExYugoslavia. Its intriguing history led it through unique experience one could rarely relate to such a small country.


After the historical turmoil, today it is an independent country and one of the most popular touristic destinations in the region. Not many countries can offer seaside and mountains at the same time – Bosnia and Herzegovina has it all. Therefore, tourism counts never higher rates. Very urban city centers are often surrounded by beautiful mountains, and all sorts of touristic offers on both sides.


Cultural heritage is very unique – it counts at least six historical civilizations. You will find many old towns, castles, villages that haven’t changed for decades, staying in past history even in these modern days. All this amounts to incredible touristic offer Bosnia and Herzegovina has.


Historical Division as Tourist Themes

All historical eras in the past of this country left incredible marks. All over the country you can find significant evidences of past periods, especially of Ottoman Empire and Austro-Hungarian Monarchy. If looking for seaside, lakes, mountain tourism and/or urban touristic areas, many of them can be found in Sarajevo, Mostar, Banja Luka and other cities and towns.


Two most visited cities of Bosnia and Herzegovina are Sarajevo and Mostar. To read more about this two cities go to Discover Sarajevo & Mostar

Visit All of Bosnia and Herzegovina

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, it is not all about visiting Sarajevo and Mostar. On contrary, this country has many more landscapes and cities to offer to its tourists. But, not to bother the readers with numerous sentences and texts, we would introduce you these sites and cities through our photo presentation:

- Konjic – on the way from Sarajevo to Mostar


- Bihac


- Visoko


- Jajce


- Srebrenik


- Počitelj


- Hutovo Blato

Hutovo Blato

- Međugorje



Bosnia and Herzegovina is characterized by its beautiful mountains. Some of the most famous are Vlasic, Igman, Bjelasnica, Jahorina. Whether you visit is during summer or winter, you will find incredible offers there. Most of these are Olympic Mountains, with proper infrastructure for winter activities. During the summer, however, these mountains become place for rest end joy.

What Else?

Should you need any kind of health treatments, you may find it in Bosnia and Herzegovina. From the simplest health issues to treating wounded from battlefields, health services may be provided all around the country. There are tens of clinics and similar institutions dealing with this type of services. All this put Bosnia and Herzegovina on a map of medical tourism worldwide.

Should you need places to enjoy good food? No place like Bosnia and Herzegovina!

Should you need to see pyramids in Europe, in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in Visoko? Yes, you find them as well.

Should you see seaside? Mountains? Dig for gold in Vares? Swim in beautiful Rama Lake, or Jablanicko Lake? Fly over them with air service? Take roller coaster in the mountain? Eat traditional Bosnian food in traditional Bosnian village? Enjoy coffee with Bosnians around? See the wounds of recent wars? See where World War I started? Should you be interested rafting, diving, paint ball? We could count…

Why Europcar in all this?

Travelling through Bosnia and Herzegovina may be magnificent experience. Taking a car to do so is the best choice one can make. Car will allow you to slow down to see – green fields, gorgeous mountains, blue and green rivers, restaurants on the way to your destinations. And, most importantly, it will slow down enough to experience this beautiful country from all angles. Because, we differentiate seeing from experiencing.

Therefore, we advise you to experience Bosnia and Herzegovina with Europcar – don’t just see, experience it.

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