General Conditions

Car Rental Sarajevo - General Car Rental Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions

ASA RENT d.o.o. Sarajevo (further Lessor) rents motor vehicle to the Lessee stated on the front page of the Rental Agreement (further Lessee) under the following terms and conditions:


 1.    The Lessee signs the Rental Agreement and agrees with the Terms of the Rental Agreement by:

*** Europcar highly respects warranty terms proclaimed by car producers. Failure to comply with warranty period will cause loosing of car warranty. The Lessee is obliged to inform the Lessor immediately and without any delay that there is a warning on ANY car indicating lights. If the Lessor ignore this warning and does not make call to renting Europcar station, full car guarantee penalty fee will be charged to the Lessor.

2.    In case the Lessee does not act according to the terms set in par. 1 of this General Terms and Conditions, he explicitly authorizes the Lessor to compensate all and every damage that may arise from such acting, and further authorizing the Lessor to determine the level of such compensation,

3.    The Lessor will compensate the Lessee costs of filled motor oil and regular servicing of the rented vehicle (excluding the cost of vehicle washing during the rental time), with a regular receipt of such expenditure.

4.    The Lessee shall leave a deposit at the time of rental. The deposit amount depends on the rented vehicle car group and the length of rental. The Lessee explicitly agrees with the minimum deposit amount of 500 Euro + VAT  which has to be taken from credit card. The Lessee explicitly agrees to pay full rental charges at the check-in (end of rental)

*** Europcar does not accept debit cards in purpose of deposit. Reserved amount on your account will not be available to you till the end of rental. Europcar will de-block reserved amount on your account immediately after rental is completed, but it might take some time till your Bank proceed with release of reserved funds.

5.    The Lessee accepts to pay all traffic fees caused by improper usage of the rented vehicle including parking tickets for improper parking.

Drivers age between 21 and 25 will be charged for Young driver fee of 0,50 EUR + VAT  per rental day, while renting allowed car groups.

Drivers between 65 and 75 years of age will be charged for Senior driver fee of 0,75 EUR + VAT per rental day, while renting allowed car groups.

6.    Basic rental rate includes Third Party Public Liability Accident Insurance up to the limit set by the country Law.

7.    Basic rental rate does not include the following Lessee's liability:

8.    The Lessee accepts liability for all costs caused by the Lessor's inability to use the rented vehicle during the vehicle's repair in the repair-shop, if the damages were caused by the Lessee's fault. The Lessor will charge the Lessee the compensation for the inability to use the vehicle in the amount of the daily rental price of such vehicle, according to the current Price List.

9.    Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) - Coverage for accidental and other collision damages on the rented vehicle

10.    Theft/Loss Protection Insurance (THW) - Coverage for total loss/theft of the vehicle

11.    Regardless of the fact that Lessee bought coverage for damages and loss on the rented vehicle, he is responsible for all:

12.    The Lessee explicitly accepts to protect all interests of the Lessor and his Insurance Company in case of traffic accident in such a way:

13.    The Lessee is liable for all consequences and damages that the Lessor may have and that arise from his negligence to obey to the rules set in art. 11 and 12.

14.    Personal Accident Insurance (PAI)

15.    The Lessor is not liable to compensate the Lessee for losses or damages on personal items or goods in the rented vehicle

16.    The Lessor is not liable to compensate the Lessee for losses caused by:

17.   Any changes or addendums to this Rental Agreement are liable if signed by both parties.

18.   If Lessee covers rental costs by his private or company charge/credit card, by signing the Rental Agreement he explicitly agrees that the Lessor can charge the full rental amount to the credit club/issuing bank.

19.    The Lessee explicitly agrees to accept the Lessor's exchange rate in case he is paying in foreign currency.

20.      In case of any dispute both the Lessee and the Lessor agree to accept Commercial Court in Bosnia and Herzegovina as ruling court.

21. Lessor hereby informs the Customers about the manipulation of their personal data. Lessor is processing Customers personal data only for legitimate purposes, all in line with accomplishing Lessors obligation and contractual responsibilities toward Customers, all according to the Law of personal data protection. Lessor can provide state authorities or persons with Customers personal data (police, court). Lessor is collecting and processing Customers personal data according to the law and voluntary consent of the Customer.

Signing Rental Agreement, Customer acknowledges that he/she has been informed by the Lessor about handling of the personal data in advance.  According to stated above, Customer gives voluntary consent to the Lessor that he can process Customers personal data according to the Law of personal data protection.

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