Visit Banja Luka

There is Europcar in Banja Luka, in case you need a car.

Visit Banja Luka

Banja Luka is the second largest city in Bosnia and Herzegovina, well known for its historical sites and beautiful nature surrounding it. It was not a popular touristic destination in the past, since focus was much more on industrial development. Nowadays, it is becoming increasingly popular.

The city has rich historical background, being an important part of the path for Romans, later Slavs and Ottomans who even had their headquarters there for some time.

Austrian-Hungarian modernized Banja Luka during their rule. In this period the town was pretty much modernized, and factories and other facilities were built for the sake of improving life of the citizens. Banja Luka today has the population of around 280 000. Unlike the past, today it stands for green city, youth and good night life.

How does it look today?

What to visit

Banja Luka offers many historical sites to see, but these are just the beginning. It is famous for natural beauties, and good quality night life.

What to visit in Banja Luka by Europcar Bosnia and Herzegovina?


Fortress on the bank of the Vrbas River with history dating back to Roman ages.

Ferhat-Pasha Mosque

Frequently called Ferhadija mosque was built in 1579, by Ottomans. It was protected by UNESCO, but eventually destroyed in 1993, during the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Its renovation took long time, and was finished in 2016, when the mosque was opened again.

Cathedral of Saint Bonaventure

First Built in 1887 but destroyed in the 1969 earthquake. The current cathedral was built in 1974.

Banski Dvor (Governor’s Palace)

This beautiful building is located in inner city center. It was built in 1930, as a concert hall and gallery. Today, it is the main cultural spot of Banja Luka.

Monastery of Gomionica

This Monaytery is located near Banja Luka, and dates back to 16th century. Monastery has the collection of ancient icons from 18th century.

And yes, there is Europcar in Banja Luka, in case you need a car there. Find it at Banja Luka International Airport.

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