Sarajevo has become one of the main regional tourism factors.


Although it does not have to be so, usually BH experience starts with Sarajevo. This city is known for history, art, famous religious sites of all confessions, beautiful mountains surrounding it, and many, many more things. Aside historical sites, Sarajevo has become one of the main regional tourism factors when speaking of modern tourism offers. Thus, you will be able to shop in modern chopping centers, stay at famous hotel chains, and have fun in amusement parks in and around the city. However, depending on budget, everyone will find something for itself in this city of art.

What to see:

EuropcarBH Headquarters ☺ - well, you will meet us anyways. However, we are not a historical site, but will surely introduce you to many of these in Sarajevo. Now, back to real attractions of Sarajevo:

- Bascarsija

Sarajevo’s Old Town that takes you back to 15th century. Unique experience of seeing how life looked like centuries ago. Almost the same streets, shops, offer. Only people have changed, but this part of the city remained unchanged. Should you be interested in seeing the past, don’t miss it!


- Sarajevo Town Hall

Locals would become very emotional about it, and call it Vijecnica. During recent war, it was totally destroyed. Thousands of the books went on fire during its hardest war days. Recently rebuilt and opened, this magnificent architecture structure speaks of great Austro-Hungarian culture and presence in Sarajevo. Originally built in 1898, it is worth visiting and witness true piece of art.


- Latin Bridge

How could a small bridge attract tourist? It’s complicated and simple, at the same time, as all in Sarajevo is. Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated by the Latin Bridge. As widely known, this assassination is being perceived as something that sparked the events of World War I.


Sarajevo has many other sites to offer, and we will just list some of them:

- Vrelo Bosne

River Bosna

- Gazi Husrev Bey’s Mosque

Gazi Husrev Bey Mosque

And many more.


Around two-hour drive from Sarajevo, through magnificent landscapes and canyons, you are meeting truly inspiring Mostar city. There are tens of reasons why to visit Mostar, but we will mention few.

- Old Bridge (Stari Most)

Stretching for 28 meters above beautiful river of Neretva, this bridge is something you might not want to miss visiting Mostar. All about it is interesting, how it was built, who built it, how and till when it survived, who destroyed it, who and when it was built again. We will let the photo speaks further.


- Blagaj Tekke

Dervish monastery near Mostar is one of the most beautiful places in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Place built long time ago to host Sufi gatherings now serves as popular touristic site. It is placed beside greatly green Buna River that appears out of cliff-cave, which also intrigues tourists. Should you want to take a lunch beside Buna River, you may at several restaurants around and take a break in what we call real nature surrounding. Check the photos!


- Kravice Waterfalls

Around 40 kilometers from Mostar, this waterfall has become inevitable part of visiting Mostar and surrounding places. It is 25 meters high, and a place you would likely spend a day in.


Mostar, as Sarajevo, has many more sites to offer. However, we just pointed out few main attractions. For more information you may follow official touristic sites of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as official international touristic and review sites. We are sure comments will only attribute to your decision to visit Mostar.

- Počitelj


- Hutovo Blato

Hutovo Blato

- Međugorje


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