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Rent a CarSIMPLE cod Rent a Car Rent a CarSIMPLE At Europcar B&H we tend to make renting process simple.

We Make Rent a Car Simple

At Europcar Bosnia and Herzegovina we tend to make renting process as simple as possible. Thus, you may easily start and finish renting process, without need for any extensive paperwork. But this is not the only part of renting process. We simplified it all until you finish renting.

Reservation process

Simple reservation form will help you to pick up your car for renting. It is enough to enter standard information, and the dates and venue. Taking the car may be at our branches anywhere in the country, also delivering it back. You have specific location for taking the car? This is also no problem. We will deliver it to you address.

Additional questions on rent

You want to rent a car, but still have some questions? No problem at all! You may reach us through our, or phone number 033 (0) 33 760 360.

However, if you need to text us through Whatsapp or Viber, you can do so through our phone number(s) +387 (0) 61 145 539. Our feedback policy is 24 hours.

Support 24/7

Whether you rented a car and have questions, or you want to rent a car and ask additional questions, you may always refer to our 24 hour support, seven days a week. However, this service is mostly used by those who rent a car, and want to ask additional questions, extend renting period, or anything else. We will assist, even should you need a simple instruction of which route you need to take to get to some place.

Although we use vehicles not older than two years, and clients rarely ask to assist in this specific situation of car fault, we are still operational if there is any problem with the car. Nationally, we have numerous partners in all bigger city centers, while internationally we are in Europcar network all around the world.