Visit Travnik

Have you heard of European Istanbul?

Visit Travnik

Have you heard of European Istanbul?

Very few towns had such an important role as Travnik did through its rich history. For around 150 years, this was a headquarter of the viziers – Ottoman Sultan's representative in Bosnia. Travnik nowadays is a modern town that carefully kept its historical and cultural heritage. It is also a touristic place with many things to see and do there. It is a birthplace of Nobel Prize Winner Ivo Andrić.

How to reach Travnik and what to see

Travnik is very easy to reach from any point from Bosnia and Herzegovina. From capital Sarajevo it takes around an hour and half drive. Parking is easy to find. Even from the furthest part of the country it will take only few hours to get there.

There are many things to see in Travnik. The most popular ones are Stari Grad Castle, Ivo Andric Museum and Plava Voda. You can see many mosques dating back from Ottoman period, and well as other monuments.

Stari Grad Castle

Stari Grad Castle is know from pre-Ottoman period, but was significantly improved by Ottomans. It is being perceived as one of the best preserved national monuments in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Ottomans made it fortress, and the condition of it often surprises visitors. It is one of must see things in Travnik. Don’t forget to see small museum inside the Castle.

Ivo Andrić Museum

A Nober Prize Winner Ivo Andrić was born in Travnik, along with many other significant historical persons that originate from this town. One of the stops visiting Travnik should be this Museum, which was actually a birthplace of Andrić. The museum pictures the life of Ivo Andrić.

Plava Voda

Many would recommend visiting the sites in Travnik first, and have some time to relax afterwards at Plava voda. It is a large water source, with freezing cold water. The surrounding is beautifully arranged, so you can have a lunch at the restaurants that line the water edge. Having a meal, coffee and taking photos there is must have experience.

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